Welcome Aboard Flight 2016

The Boarding of Flight 2016 has been announced…… Your luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2015….. The bad and sad moments should be left in the garbage……. The duration of the flight will be 12 months.  So, tighten your seatbelt.  The next stop-over’s will be: Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Well-being and Peace. The captain offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight……. A Cocktail of Friendship A Supreme of Health A Gratin of Prosperity A Bowl of Excellent News  A salad of Success A Cake  of Happiness All accompanied by bursts of laughter…… Wishing you and your family  an enjoyable trip on board of flight 2016….. Let Me Thank All The Good People Like You Who Made 2015 Beautiful For Me. I pray you be blessed with Faithful Year Ahead.

I Wish You A Fantastic JANUARY


Marvelous MARCH

Foolish APRIL

Enjoyable MAY

Successful JUNE

Wonderful JULY



Tastiest OCTOBER

Beautiful NOVEMBER

Independent DECEMBER



Hope I’m one of the 1st persons to Wish you a Happy 12 Months of 2016


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